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WCA Call for Participation

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On vernal equinox, an email message from our president, Brenda Oelbaum, appeared in your inbox regarding the WCA Call for Participation in a national retreat Envisioning WCA's Future to be held this summer in Portland, Oregon. This is an amazing moment in WCA history as we examine the future of our organization. The need for this retreat stems from what many have found to be an unsustainable system of volunteerism on the part of the few to serve the many. With the guidance of non-profit expert, Paula Manly, we will seek out sustainable practices that continue to affirm our core mission of supporting and celebrating art work created by women.

If you believe as I do, that art made by women is an essential part of the human experience deeply deserving of our time and attention, I invite you to reflect on the possibility of entering into the national dialog by submitting an application to be considered to serve as a retreat attendee and an active participant in the WCA's future. The application due date is Friday, April 11th.

As I often remind artists who want to enlarge their art circle, making connections beyond those already know to them often entails taking risks: the courageous act of choosing to show up; being truly present to others; giving witness to your own creative process; seeing fit to travel; preparing for the expense; spending the money; and, doing the work. This is one event sure to be transforming for all involved. Please know the committee will be making a selection of members (30 in total) from those who submit applications with regards to geographic diversity and an expanded variety of skill sets. 

C. M. Judge
V. P. Chapter Relations


Show Scheduled
We have a show scheduled at the Fitchburg Art Museum's Community Gallery for April 2015. The studio visits are a preparation for the FAM show.


Thinking About Meaning and Making

You might have noticed during the past couple of years, the quantity and quality of opportunities to show your work as WCA members has blossomed on the national and international stage. These initiatives happen because members dared to risk bringing their vision into focus, delved into the arduous task, as I call it, "of becoming the weaver" --  the one who brings all the strands together to form something meaningful. For WCA member Liz Dodson, video artist from Minneapolis this meant asking questions like: "Who has the right to bodies of water, in our state, our country, our world? What are the issues involved in making water available to us? How does gender affect the right to water?" and seeing that a creative response to these questions could form the basis for an art exhibition that would bring attention to this worldwide crisis. Thus the highly regarded national WCA exhibition, Women & Water Rights was born. We are all made better as we stand together to support remarkable efforts like Liz's to improve the world through art! Read more about the WWR project:  http://www.womenspress.com/main.asp?SectionID=1&SubSectionID=1&ArticleID=3733 and  http://www.womenspress.com/main.asp?SectionID=1&SubSectionID=22&ArticleID=3545

Heads up  -- Liz's next curatorial initiative is Women & Money slated for 2015 -- be on the lookout to participate . . . 

C.M. Judge
V. P. for Organizational Outreach

















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