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Artist Trading Card by Joan DeSantis
 Trading Card Project - 2009


WCA-NH June 1 theme Favorite Artist

View photos from our April 2009 ATC workshop

Artist Trading Card by Joan DeSantis

ATC workshops provide lots of new information and a chance to get to know other artists.

ATC cards by Judith Ferrara - May 22, 2007

L. Parmenter Hammerman

On July 23, co-sponsored with The Fitchburg Cultural Alliance, we presented an introduction to Artist Trading Cards, a workshop at Rollstone Studios in Fitchburg. This was attended by CMWCA members and their guests. The participants had a wonderful time creating ATCs and had several to take home to later trade. This workshop focused on the use of recycled materials for the substrate, subject, and embellishment of each card. Only very basic art making tools were used: scissors, rulers, pencils, markers, glue sticks, school box watercolors, etc., emphasizing that anyone can be an ATC maker/trader without investing in expensive materials. It was great to have new people attend the workshop and discover the fun of creating ATCs.

This summer's Burqa Blue or A Stitch in Time theme revealed some very beautiful and wonderful cards with one trader, Barb Depalo creating two very innovative complete sets of six for the trade. Many thanks to those who rallied to save the trade.

Our next exchange will be on October 1, and is non-themed. Each year we have one trade that is a free choice, so send in six cards created on whatever you like. Our December 1 theme will be, Family.

Here’s how. Make six cards, 2.5” x 3.5” in size in the theme of that exchange. On the reverse side, sign and date your card, state the theme and write any other contact information or addition you desire. If each card is identical, number them as you would a print edition, such as, 1/6, 2/6, 3/6, etc.

If part of a series, state that title as well. I also suggest that you put “not for sale” or “for trade only” since we adhere to the original concept of ATCs not being sold. Send the six cards to me with a SASE in-clude sufficient postage to cover thicker envelopes.

I will return 5 five assorted cards to you reserv-ing your sixth one for the CMWCA ATC Archives. Send to: L. Parmenter Hammerman, 90 Turnpike Rd., Westminster, MA 01473-1205.

WCA-NH also invites members and others to exchange with them. Pets is their September 1 theme and Red, for December 1.

Follow the same procedure as above but send these six cards to: Pat Davis, 514 Buck St., Pembroke, NH 03275-3054.

Alex & Linda Widstrand at ATC workshop May 22nd
  Patsy Belt & others at ATC workshop May 22nd
ATC - "Hats" by C.M. Judge
ATC - "A feather in your cap" by Susan Matusen
ATC - "Hats: the Sacrifice" by Louise Parmenter Hammerman



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