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Sue J. Norton,
Sunflower Splash

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  Sue J. Norton

Artist Statement

For years my creativity lay virtually dormant, but like any great passion, there came a time when the creative pulse became too strong to deny.  It became harder not to create than to create.  That intense inward movement had to be released.  Thus began my journey of self-discovery.

All of my art is quintessentially a self-portrait.  It is about my personal truth.  It is about my reality, conscious or subconscious.  It is about how I feel and how I experience and perceive the world I live in.   

I believe my creativity is a spiritual matter.  The real creator is that power greater than me which flows through my soul and escapes all human limits.  The joy lies in entertaining my creativity.  The joy is indeed in the journey.  It is the creative process, not the end product that fills my being. 


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