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   B I O G R A P H Y
After attending Montserrat Art School in Beverly, MA, Joanne put her art on the back burner to raise a family.
photo: Joanne Boudreau
   J O A N N E   B O U D R E A U
Artist Statement

I find painting to be the truest form of expression to satisfy my need to create. When I paint, I am first inspired by the mood, the quiet drama of light and shadow or a subtle remarkable feature of an otherwise ordinary scene. My second inspiration comes from the excitement of translating my subject matter to the blank paper; seeing what will grow from mixing a feeling, a photographic image, and whatever medium I feel will best suit my artistic intent. I try less to manipulate than to see what happens as the painting evolves and speaks to me.
I work mostly in watercolor, transparently as well as opaquely, finding the loose somewhat unpredictable quality to be a fun challenge. I turn to pastels when my intent involves detail and more realism.
My passion and respect for the natural world lures me to most of my subject matter. Upon finding a scene or image that moves me, I take several digital photographs, composing on the spot with the camera. Later in my studio, I take my time to contemplate what I want to say with this particular painting.
With my artmaking, I try to express my strong connection to the humble yet profound source of all life. We live, using and taking with little awareness or regard. Through my painting, I try to remind myself and appreciate the spirit of all things.

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