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  Louise Parmenter Hammerman

Artist Statement

As a young and very restless child, my mother would keep crayons and paper always at hand as it was the only way I would calm down and stay quiet. The brush came later, then I discovered I am truly at peace with a paintbrush in my hand. The brush seems an extension of my body and a connection to my brain. Whether painting pictures or the exterior clapboards of my house, the brush and I are one.

When my children were babies, I worked in watercolor as they napped, due to its convenience, and continued with that medium during the years I taught art in high school. But, something was missing. Finally, on a trip to Alaska in 1999, I packed oil paints, canvas, a new easel and the old standard watercolor supplies. After a morning of unsuccessful attempts with the water medium, I made the switch to oils. I haven't looked back. I'd forgotten the wonderful
fluid feel of the oils, the smell (a fragrance to me), and the time that oil paint allowed me to manipulate and change my mind during the painting process.

I love the lay of the land and occasionally what man has placed on the land, so I paint landscape. I get inspired by that moment of emotional rush when the light, colors, and shapes, create an instant snap shot in my mind and say ,"I want to own this". The powerful Alaskan landscape around Resurrection Bay, the coast line of New England, the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont and my own back yard neighborhood inspire me. I do own the back yard! Even if I never get back to Alaska, there are my sketches, watercolors, color notes, and uncountable photographs to use for reference.

Weather permitting, I work plein air, frequently finishing the painting in the studio. I often paint one or two more scenes after a "working" vacation using photographs and color notes for reference. Currently, however, until the warmer weather arrives in New England, I am working on a new series of paintings from historical (late 19th cent.) photographs of North Worcester County. Many of the views are of long gone or drastically changed old mill buildings.

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