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   About the Artist
Linda Widstrand, "CD Squared", encaustic on board-backed canvas, 14" x 14"

Contact Linda
Phone: (978)582-4789

photo: Linda Widstrand
     L I N D A  W I D S T R A N D
Linda Widstrand

Artist Statement

Nov. 2004

My art is often related to nature as I feel a strong kinship with Mother Earth. Patterns of organic shapes, colors and spaces have always intrigued me, and I enjoy abstracting these elements to create images that excite me.
While designing my work on canvas or board, I work out a composition that looks right to me, paying attention to how the negative spaces fit together with the objects; the values of light and dark, the hues of color and how they all interact with one another. Combining these actions reminds me of putting a three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle together. I prefer
to use an impasto style of painting to create textures in my work. This style expresses the variations in surfaces of natural elements, which fascinate me.
photo: Linda in her studio
Linda in her studio

In addition to the variations in the surfaces in my work, I also strive to create images that convey emotions and moods. My goal is to convey these feelings by combining texture and color in a way which I hope become interesting to the spectator.

Linda Widstrand

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