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All the Daughters of Eve
All the Daughters of Eve
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"Joy" Commissioned piece
C y n d i  L a v i n
"Joy" Commissioned piece

Artist Statement

I am busy living a mixed media life here in central Massachusetts. I believe strongly that life and art are intertwined. Each of us is a work of art, designed to be a creative being, and my life consists of discovering the things that I am meant to create, so that I am creating from a place of faith. My mixed media jewelry pieces are not intended to be the embodiment of any spiritual forces, but instead are simply a reflection of my love for my Creator and of the joy that comes from the life He's given me.

My work can be seen on my three online galleries:
Mazel Tov! Jewelry Treasures
Wildest Dreams Designs
Why Not Art

Additionally, I love to share techniques with other artists, and have been blessed to be hired by two blogging networks to write arts blogs for them in addition to my magazine articles that are published on a regular basis.
Beading Arts
Mixed Media Artist

View Cyndi's work here


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