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   About the Artist
"Susan" - watercolor 21" x 14½"
"Susan" - watercolor
21" x 14½"

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"Sunflowers" - watercolor - 10" X 14½"
   A L I C E  S T R U T H E R S
Mother Nature is the supreme artist/creator – I just pinch off small pieces with paint to keep for myself.


"Sunflowers" - watercolor - 10" X 14½"

A story to write, a brush in the hand, some clay in the fingers: that is happiness.

When I graduated from Syracuse University with a B.A. in Zoology/Journalism, I believed myself ready to become a science article writer for magazines. What I became was a wife of a man getting his Ph. D. degree; I also became the mother of six children.

In between household tasks I worked as a hematology technician doing research for the Atomic Energy Commission. In other parts of my life I taught music, tutored special needs students, and served on various town committees, including the Library Trustees, Conservation Commission and the Historical Society. I played early music, and percussion in bands.

I earned an M.Ed. in Creative Arts Therapy.

I was saving art for my old age. But I couldn’t wait.

In addition to attending various workshops on art techniques, I studied with Martha Oldham of West Groton as part of The Harbor Watercolorists for several years. I explored sculpture at Sharon Arts and Mount Wachusett Community College.

My work has been exhibited in the annual shows of The Harbor Watercolorists; and the artisan shows of The Townsend Historical Society.




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