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photo: Judy Ferrara, Exhibitions Coordinator CMWCA
 H O T   T O P I C S
Judy Ferrara, former Exhibitions Coordinator CMWCA


Getting ready to send images of your artwork for an upcoming exhibition can be a daunting and complicated task. First there is the challenge of selecting your strongest work to send. Once you have accomplished that, you need to prepare your images so that the curator or juror will be able to see your work at its very best.

Both the June and September 2005 CMWCA juried exhibitions will specify that only slides will be accepted for submission (no electronic submissions or photographs). In each case, the juror will receive carousel slide trays, which is a consistent method of presenting images of all artwork entered.

Here are three options for you to think about:
1. Take your own slides. You will need a 35mm camera, a tripod, slide film
(Fujichrome Velvia 100F daylight is recommended for the best color reproduction), a well-lit interior flat wall or outdoor flat wall between 11 am & 2 pm.
Finally, when your slides are returned to you, use 3M polyester film tape to mask the area surrounding the image on the slide so that only the artwork, not the frame or surrounding wall space, will be projected onto the screen.

2. Have your electronic images made into slides. This service is available from the following: http://www.ezslides.com or http://iqimaging.com/index.htm

3. Have slides of your artwork made professionally.

Check your entry form to find out how to mark each slide with identifying information (name, title, size, medium, TOP). When you mail your slides, be sure to protect them; I put them into a padded envelope. And, whichever option you select to make slides of your artwork, be sure to check entry deadlines and to leave yourself plenty of lead time.
Judy Ferrara, PoetryArt2@aol.com



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