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"Epnioc I" , charcoal, by C.M. Judge
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photo: C.M. Judge
 C. M.   J U D G E  
 Biography - C.M. Judge

"Art is spirit made visible." C.M. Judge

Fitchburg artist, C. M. Judge has been making art for twenty years. Her award-winning drawings, paintings, sculptures, installations and videos have been exhibited throughout the U.S., Europe and Japan. Ms. Judge's early training focussed on painting from observation in a traditional manner. Shortly after graduating from UMass Lowell with a B.A. in Art, her interest shifted to sculpture, installation, public art and collaborative artmaking. She pursued these interests at MIT where she earned a Master of Science in Visual Studies.

Creating meditative, uplifting works of art that celebrate the human spirit has been central to Ms. Judge's work as an artist and arts educator. Her educational mission is to empower children and teens to understand and use creative process to express their spirited common goodness through art by creating public art for their community. She works in public and private schools as a visiting artist and is currently on the artist-in-education roster of the Massachusetts Cultural Council and the New Hampshire State Council on the Arts. Ms. Judge has taught at Saint Anselm and Plymouth State Colleges in New Hampshire, UMass Lowell and the Fitchburg Art Museum. Ms. Judge has facilitated over fifty large-scale public art projects with students of all ages.

Her most recent public art project here in the U.S. is a mural titled "Peace We Seek" installed last April on Main Street in Fitchburg, MA. The painting celebrates the human desire for inner peace and the hope that striving for inner peace will lead to peace in our communities, nation and world. Catherine has a 17 year artistic collaboration with Japanese video artist, Atsushi Ogata. Their most recent project was a site-specific video installation titled "Step In/Step Out" commissioned for the 2003 Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennial in Japan. Transforming a traditional Japanese house into a work of art, the artists integrated twenty-one videos depicting area residents' feet touching the earth as they walked, cast sculptures of feet, donated old shoes, soba hulls and photographic gels into their installation (www.echigo-tsumari.jp)

Catherine is the founding President of the Central Massachusetts Women's Caucus for Art and currently teaches at the Shackelton School in Ashby, MA.

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